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Location:Bellingham, WA
Project Dates:June 2015 - October 2015
Owner:City of Bellingham
Project Details:

The Padden Creek Daylighting project was a major habitat restoration project, bringing a substantial creek back into a healthy ½ mile long constructed channel.  In its previous state Padden Creek had constricted flow, was a flooding risk for nearby residence, did not allow fish to migrate upstream and failed to meet Clean Water Act standards.  With close coordination between Strider and the City of Bellingham, Department of Ecology, WDFW, ACOE and WSDOT (and other stakeholders) this project was able to remedy these issues, helping make the creek inhabitable once again for salmon and reducing flooding risk for nearly 160 households in the vicinity. 

Work included the creation of approximately 2,300 LF of new stream channel with over 26,000 cubic yards of channel excavation.  Bank stabilization measures included over 150 engineered log features / large woody debris, earthen and rock anchors, 150+ wood piles, native plantings and various streambed aggregates.  Bypass and control of water was essential during construction of this creek bed.  Strider drafted and implemented a Creek Diversion Narrative.

Crews installed two pedestrian bridges (80 foot span) and a large, fish-friendly box culvert in addition to necessary utility relocation to clear the creek alignment of all legacy utilities.    

All work was performed within the permit allotted timeframes and garnered numerous accolades from the community for the professionalism during construction and high quality end product.