Project Gallery : Utilities

Location:Port Townsend, WA
Project Dates:2013
Owner:City of Port Townsend
Project Details:

This project consists of establishing a pumping and diversion system capable of handling 2,500 GPM while draining the 126 million gallon City Lake Reservoir.  All water was constantly monitored for elevated turbidity.  The existing vertical concrete control shaft was demolished and Strider completed a 50 foot deep shaft excavation into more than 30 feet of rock, intercepting an existing tunnel.  Rock sidewall stabilization was performed and a new 12 foot diameter precast outlet control structure was placed in the shaft.  Aging outlet and overflow pipes from the City Lake Reservoir were replaced with over 240 feet of 16” to 24” welded steel pipe and 800 feet of 18” to 28” HDPE.  Following pipe installation, tunnels were filled with grout and sand backfill.  Work concluded with site drainage, property restoration and a cathodic protection system.  Strider was able to perform within the required milestones and earned an early completion incentive.