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Caustic Plume and Cell Building Demolition

Location:Bellingham, WA
Project Dates:2012, 2013
Owner:Port of Bellingham
Project Details:

Strider’s work consists of depressurizing a confined lower aquifer, dewatering an upper fill unit and excavating mercury contaminated soil from three defined locations at the former Georgia Pacific site.  Crews in Level C  PPE for duration of project to protect against mercury vapors above PEL.  Mercury contaminated materials are chemically stabilized onsite to remove the hazardous waste toxicity characteristic prior to being transported and disposed off site.  To date, approximately 2,200 tons have been stabilized and all TCLP results of stabilized material have passed by wide margin.  Depressurization and dewatering of the tidally influenced site was required for the duration of the excavation, and all water leaving the site was passed through a treatment facility prior to discharge.  Legacy piping systems were documented, cut, capped and removed by Strider crews to facilitate the excavation, several with elemental mercury product.  Upon completion of soil stabilization, the two-story Cell Building was abated and is being demolished.