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Deming Levee Upstream Improvement Project

Location:Deming, WA
Project Dates:2017
Owner:Whatcom County Public Works
Project Details:

This project provided approximately 800 LF of new levee along the Nooksack River intended to buttress the protection for the Town of Deming, BNSF Railroad and the Mt Baker Highway.  The construction included 27,000 CY of excavation, well into the water table of the river.  The new levee consisted of 16,000 TN of heavy loose rip-rap, 2,000 TN of quarry spalls, and 13,500 TN of impervious clay (to build the core).  The work also included a live creek bypass in order to create a one acre wetland area.  Fish and amphibian life were removed and relocated in advance of the bypass.  A new BNSF Railroad Crossing was constructed while abandoning the existing crossing.